Hur TV fungerar

Hur gör man ”bra TV” nuförtiden?
Jo, man förnedrar helst de som är med i tv på olika sätt.
Det finns alltid ”tv-kåta” artister och människor man kan utnyttja.

DET blir ”bra tv” i producenterna och tv-bolagens ögon! 

Det är i och för sig en win-win situation: TV får gratis (eller extremt billiga) artister till sina program och artisten får ovärderlig reklam.
I dag är det nästan helt omöjlig att bli ”känd” i Sverige om man inte är med i tv hela tiden.
Är man ”känd” är det sedan lättare att få jobb och/eller sälja CD-skivor och biljetter till turnéer.

Det är ett faktum som alla känner till i branschen.

Svenska Talang 2008 skulle aldrig ha lockat så många redan professionella artister om det inte var för den värdefull tv-tiden som skådenummer numera aldrig får.
INGEN artist gillar att bli bedömd och förnedrad i tv, men tv-tiden är ovärderlig för att få jobb i framtiden. 

Jag hade med följande klipp i min blogg inte för så länge sedan.
Ett klipp med olika trollkarlar från America’s Got Talent och jag svalde tv-producenternas betet själv, så jag förstår att det inte är enkelt att veta hur det hela förhåller sig.

Se klippet FÖRST innan du läser nedanstående text:



Detta klipp har varit en ”snackis” på magiforum och genererade en hel artikel i världens största magitidning MAGIC!.

Här kan du läsa vad som EGENTLIGEN hände bakom ovanstående klipp vilket också gör att man får en inblick i hur tv-produktioner i dag fungerar:


WARNING: if you believe every thing you see on the TV you may not want to read the earth shattering revelations contained in this email.

YouTube - America's got talent-bad magic act

…they flew me out to LA so it was a free trip to see my friends and soak in a hot tub on someone else’s dime. Regardless of the outcome, the only thing people will remember is that I was on the show and I have more footage to pad my promo with.

The people behind the scenes were all very nice. The producers (claimed) to really like my stuff, which is probably why I am in a lot of the commercials and promo stuff. Mind you, with that even people who don’t watch the show will still see me between the shows they DO like.

This year I didna even audition. Last year I did and nada. This time, they kinda hunted me down and got to skip the audition BS (Which I prefer). The only reason I even did the show was become I am a shameless whore who wants to be on television and spread my message.

So all in all, I didn’t have a bad time, I got on TV, and get that all important name recognition. The judges may not have liked me, but they judge a reality TV show.. I get to work for a living.

Everyone doesn’t have to audition? But they said the show was shot in Chicago? Why was Bizzaro taped in LA? What do time traveling rabbits have to do with moving an entire island?

Television is confusing.


Här kommer en annan vinkling från en annan trollkarl i klippet:


We first heard from our pal Bizzaro about a few of the geographical liberties taken by the producers of America’s Got Talent. Now we’ve been contacted by another man who was unfortunately placed into the same “worst magicians” montage.

Picture 2.jpg

In a nutshell, Dorian claims the following:

• AGT cast comedy magic acts so they could be taken out of context as wackos.

• Two of the acts got standing ovations, which weren’t shown and Dorian did not get three “X”s yet the cheers were cut and the rejection was added afterward.

• The producers continually rejected songs and soundbytes for the act, making it hard to prepare.

• He and his family praying BEFORE the act was edited to look like they were consoling each after AFTER the act.

• His props were put out on stage by the AGT crew and could explain why things fell over.

Read the entire list AFTER THE JUMP…

  1. Most of the magicians were comedy magicians who make quite a living at doing just that professionally. Becky Blainey has played over well at the Magic Castle with the same routine. AGT needed stuff that was “off beat” and extreme so they used that footage and purposely put it out of context. (the acts were also edited to appear as if they were in Chicago but in fact it was Los Angeles)  
  2. Two of the acts I witnessed personally get standing ovations but AGT saw fit to edit negative responses instead. For example, I for one did not get “3 X’s” as portrayed. AGT needed something consistent with what they were trying to do. In other words, a story needed to be told, i.e. (no magicians could cut it except the Pendragons) It was nothing personal but it felt personal. I remember feeling violated somehow, lol. I got over it of course. By the way the Pendragons were incredible. I spoke to Jonathan backstage and he was very cordial.  
  3. For some strange reason every song or sound byte I submitted for my act was rejected, them saying that the material couldn’t be released, which I understand. But this went on continuously until the day before. If you’re like me I need rehearsal time when using new music. It was almost as if they wanted you to be not quite as ready as you could be, but I’m sure this was my imagination. Hmmmmmmm  
  4. The scene where you see me, my mom and Jerry Springer with our heads down was during a prayer before I went on stage, but the edit that NBC did made it look like we were disappointed after my performance  
  5. The props for some of the acts was set on stage by stage hands working for AGT which would explain my “magic guitar stand” falling over accidentally (I would agree though I should have checked this prop prior) The dove flying off was a flop but it “flew the coup” after my act was done and believe it or not I was one the magicians who did get a standing ovation. AGT edited this part out of course. And that Ladies and Gentleman is the Magic of Television. Next time “Acts”, read the small print because once you sign that “disclaimer” your image and likeness there of, belongs to them. Ouch!