En åsikt på “My Fair Lady

  • 28 augusti 2008 kl 11:48

    This was the first musical I saw at a high school production in the mid-1970’s. It’s a great musical and I love the music from this show as well. It’s good that they are setting up thei musical again. It’s a classic, and many people are delighted to ghave this show back, as the sales of the tickets are going fast!

    I’d have gone to see this musical, but my budget doesn’t allow fo me to travel to Stockholm to see the show. Even if this is a dress rehersal, and it’s free, it does cost money to travel amd stay overnight. For the momemt, I don’t have the budget for that, which is a shame.

    The tickets doe the show are seling very well, so I envy those who’ll have a chance to see the show. Hopefully, someone will enjoty seeing the dress rehersal, though.

    I hope you’ll be qble to enjoy seeing the show at another time. It’s the perfect show for you to take your family too. Women love romantic stories, too.

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