Hur man blir en entertainer

Fick detta mail från en underhållare i Las Vegas i dag. Kommentaren nedan till det hela, som inte är hans, sammafattar dock hela hemligheten med att vara en underhållare, artist, entertainer.
Se klippet och njut. Läs den underbara sammanfattningen nedan. Bättre än såhär blir det nog inte.

“We all thank you, but WE had all the fun. Gee, what a wonderful night this has been, and as Frank has already said, what a… how much fun it is to perform in front of people who are having a good time.”
Johnny Carson speaking to the standing-ovation crowd after his performance with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin, singing “Birth Of The Blues”.

And there you have it. Stated in the clearest, most honest terms you could find, THIS is the essence of what it means to be a professional entertainer. Standing on stage, enjoying yourself and at the same time helping your audience to enjoy themselves.

Have you ever performed a show and had someone come up to you afterward and say, “You must really love what you’re doing.” You might respond, “Thank you, I appreciate that. I do – it’s so much fun.” To which they respond, very seriously and respectfully, “It shows.” If you have had this dialogue, you’re doing the right thing.

The best entertainers are the ones who would be doing what they do for free, just because it is so much fun and, essentially, they can’t not do it. It is precisely because they feel this way about their craft that they are so good, are in high demand, and are often paid very well compared to most working professionals. If you are having fun onstage and are showing the audience respect and are guiding them through an hour or two of pleasure and excitement, they will love you for it, because few people in an everyday setting can or will do that for them, and as humans, we all need to feel like someone’s paying attention to us, respecting us, and are simply on our side.

The best entertainers also know how to leave their egos, strong as they may be, at the dressing room door. Frank, Dean, Sammy and Johnny seemed so secure in their own skins, at least on stage, that they seemed to not care if they were being upstaged, and seemed like a bunch of guys out on the town who could just as well have been walking down the Las Vegas Strip for an evening at the casino; they just happened to be on stage with the Count Basie Orchestra and a capacity crowd in the seats.

Watch this clip. Look at the ease with which the four men own the stage. Look at their clothing. Listen to the music. Most of all, notice how much sheer fun they are having, and how much fun the audience is having. Watch and learn. What you are watching is a master class in entertainment.

Charley Montrol

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  • 01 februari 2010 kl 6:40

    Hej John!
    Mats Israelson’s (Creative) Dotter här.
    Ville bara titta in på din blogg. Pappa berättade för mig om den.
    Och tacka för senast!
    Tack för kortleken och trevligt samtal. Såg även början av ditt framträdande, skrattade mycket. Så klart.
    Du kan väl titta in på min blogg, om du har tid.
    Hare Bra & Må Gott! Ses säkert i framtiden!
    Joanna Israelson

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